Long’s School of Dance presently hosts over 20 faculty members. Members of Long’s faculty belong to such organizations as: Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, Tennessee Association of Dance Masters, Dance Educators of America, International Tap Dance Association, and Southern Association of Dance Masters. Along with their extensive training, faculty members continually further their knowledge by attending workshops, seminars and conventions.

Jay LongPresident/ Technical Director


President of Jam-Jer Inc. and Long’s School of Dance, Jay is the Director of the Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C., Master Aerial Arts Engineer and Choreographer, and Technical Director. He began dancing at age 3, fencing at age 5, and Martial arts and boxing at age 10. He studied Adagio under the direction of his mother Marge Long, Ben Hassen, Joseph Levinoff, and Henry Danton. Jay retired from competitive fencing with an undefeated record, having studied under Jim Long (his father) and world class fencer Giorgio Santelli.

Jay received his Martial Arts Sifu rating in 1975 and became Master Sifu in 1985. Jay is certified by the National Qi Gong Association. He holds a Bachelors in Bio-Medical Communications from Western Kentucky University, and has done graduate level work at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Texas Tech, and Northern Illinois University.

Lee Ann LongDance Director


Dance Director of Long’s School of Dance, Lee Ann began dancing at the age of 3 in Nashville, Tennessee. During her professional career she traveled and performed throughout Europe and the South with the Nashville Contemporary Ballet Company. Lee Ann also attended Western Kentucky University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Lee Ann is certified as a dance educator by DEA and CNADM. Summer Dance Intensive, Kid’s Creative Dance Camp, and bringing Master of the Arts to the summer program are all a result of her passion for dance.

While staying in Ireland during the summer of 2013, Lee Ann, continued her Master Instructor level training with classes in Irish Dance. Lee Ann studied with Master Instructors Mick O’Reilly and Mary Beth Taylor. Mick is the 10 time All Ireland World Champ. Long’s School of irish Dance was invited by World Irish Dance Association to become one of the mentored schools here in the US.

Jamie Long – Vice President


Vice President of Long’s School of Dance, Jamie began his training in Martial Arts at the age of 2 and Fencing at 6. Jamie has over 30 years of training in Martial Arts and Fencing. Jamie is Director of the External Martial Arts Division of Long’s Combative Arts School. He taught Acrobatics for nearly 20 years and Martial Arts for 14 years. He is currently instructing classes in Junior and Senior Kung Fu. Jamie is also a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C.

Tiffany Battista


Tiffany has been dancing with the Long’s family for 25 years and continues to study Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, and now Irish. Having been a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, LLC. for 16 years, she enjoys studying acrobatic adagio under the direction of Jay Long and was able to travel and perform at Walt Disney World multiple times. Tiffany also loves the opportunity to train in Aerial Acrobatics on Silk, Lyra, and Spanish Web and has done so for 10 years.

This is Tiffany’s twelfth year instructing and she is thankful to be able to share her love of dance with so many wonderful children. She looks forward to teaching at Long’s Summer Dance Intensive and Kid’s Creative Dance Camps in the summer. Tiffany loves performing in Long’s shows as a dancer and aerialist.


Jamie Schumacher


Jamie has been dancing for the past twenty four years and is thrilled to be back in Erie with her husband and her Long’s family. She continues to take classes in Ballet, Pointe, Tap,  Jazz, and Irish. She has been teaching for the past ten years and currently teaches at the East Erie/ Harborcreek location. Jamie is also a fifteen year member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C. and has enjoyed performing with the team in Disney World. Jamie is currently Captain of the Aerial Arts Team and has been training on Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Spanish Web for the past nine years. Jamie has been taking classes in Irish Dance since the inception of Long’s School of Irish Dance and was honored to be named Irish Dance Captain.  Long’s has also offered Jamie the opportunity to train with numerous master instructors including, Beverly and Ron Veenker, Marcus Alford, Annie Day, Bobby Ziegler, Henry Danton, Laura Witwer, Angela Jones, and Mick O’Reilly.

A 2014 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Jamie obtained her Juris Doctorate and is currently a Litigation Associate at the MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton law firm here in Erie. Jamie is also an alum of Gannon University, graduating in 2011 with her Bachelors in Political Science and a Legal Studies Certificate.

Katie Trapp


Katie has been dancing at Long’s for the past eighteen years and continues to take classes. She is a member of the Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C. and had the privilege of performing in Disney World. She has also trained with master instructors such as Marcus Alford, Annie Day, Bobby Ziegler, Henry Danton, Beverly and Ron Veenker and Mick O’Reilly. In addition to teaching, Katie is a graduate of Penn State Behrend with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, as well as a minor in Management.

Karen Weibel


Karen has been dancing at Long’s since 1998. She currently takes classes in Tap, Acrobatics, Ballet, Pointe, and Jazz. Karen has been a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C. since 2005 and is very excited to have joined the Aerial Arts team in 2011. In addition to performing Karen has enjoyed teaching for the past four years. For the past four summers she has attended master classes with Bobby Zeigler, Henry Danton, Annie Day, Marcus Alford, Beverly and Ron Veenker and Laura Witwer.

A 2011 graduate of Collegiate Academy, Karen is currently attending Gannon University. She is studying to become a middle school math and science teacher. Karen is excited to continue her passion of teaching into her future.

Ellie Cook

DSC_5865 sm

Ellie has been dancing at Long’s for sixteen years, continuing to study Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Acrobatics, Modern and Hip Hop. This is also her ninth year as a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C.. Ellie has participated in the summer classes with Master instructors Henry Danton and Ron and Beverly Veenker for 7 years. Ellie is excited to have completed her fourth year of instructing at Long’s.

In addition to training and teaching at Long’s, Ellie is also a senior at Gannon University where she majors in Middle Level Reading/Language Arts and Special Education. She also volunteers with the Erie County Special Olympics program, Down Syndrome Support Group of Erie, and Barber National Institute. Ellie hopes to move on and receive a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Gannon University at Berkeley and become Special Education teacher. Ellie also has plans to begin a dance program for children with special needs here at Long’s in the near future.

Sarah Weigold

Sarah has been dancing for 13 years and continues to study Ballet and Pointe with previous experience in Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. She has trained under the direction of Beverly and Ronald Veenker and still is studying under the direction of Ms. Lee Ann Long. This is Sarah’s first year teaching and she is grateful for this opportunity. “I enjoy sharing my love for dance with my students and cannot wait to teach more kids in the years to come.”

Lana Rinehardt


With 50 years of dance education, Lana started dance classes at the age of three at Erie Dance Academy. She began training at Long’s in high school where she studied Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. Lana is certified by Dance Educators of America, having studied from Charles Kelley, Gus Giordano, Beverly Veenker, and Skip Randall, and has been fortunate to take master classes from Beverly Veenker. She has choreographed for local high schools and theatre companies with shows including “Music Man” and “Sugar”. She has also performed in local theatre productions including, “Hair”, “Chicago”, “Cabaret”, “Sugar”, “Of Thee I Sing”, “Prisoner of Second Avenue”, and “Bad Girls 1 & 2”.

Lana has also had the opportunity to study Ballroom and perform in local Ballroom Showcases. Along with performing in the showcases, she also had the opportunity to choreograph a Broadway routine for the Showcase. Lana has performed and choreographed in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for the North East Community Players.

Lana retired in 2011 and has pursued other areas of interest as a Silpada Designs Jewelry Representative. Lana has developed and teaches a Latin Fusion & Body Barre Dance Fitness class for teens and adults at Long’s School of Dance, in addition to teaching her favorite Adult Jazz Class.

Rick Anderson


Rick has been in Combative Arts for over 30 years having studied Qi-gong, Kung-fu and Fencing. Rick has been the Chief Fencing Instructor for over 20 years. In addition, Rick has been a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C. for over 30 years.

Joe Daniels


Joe has been studying Combative Arts for 39 years, and has been instructing for more than 20 years. In addition, Joe has been a member of Long’s Performing Arts Team, L.L.C. for over 30 years.

Laurie Hitt


Laurie Hitt began piano study at the age of five and was playing professionally by age ten. Laurie’s most influential teachers were Nancy Fischer in Erie, and Mayola Martin and Eve-Anne Wilkes at West Virginia University.

Laurie is the theatre and choral director at Fairview High School. Recent productions include Les Miserables, Into the Woods, Romeo and Juliet and The Odd Couple. She also instructs film studies and analysis of literature that has been adapted for the screen.

Laurie began playing for Long’s in 2002. Her responsibilities include both rehearsal and Dance Concert pianist as well as arranging the music for the orchestra.